Meaning of hotel california song

meaning of hotel california song

Find out more about the meaning of Hotel California by The Eagles. Dig into the lyrics, the cultural context of the song, and hear what the artist has to say. What does Eagles's song Hotel California mean? We have the answer. Hotel California ist ein Song der kalifornischen Band Eagles. Er erschien zunächst im Dezember auf ihrem gleichnamigen fünften Album; die  Genre(s) ‎: ‎ Rockmusik. It seems our prof had, at one time, lived in the California area and was very good friends with a certain drummer named Don Henley. Getty The Vapors, demonstrating every stage of the mullet life cycle. I thought about it being about California being captivating. Sign in to chat! Just take a look at the people interviewed in this videoat about 2 minutes 20 seconds. Ich denke dass der Versuch erfolgreich war, nicht nur für das Hotel, sondern auch für Todos Santos.

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Meaning of hotel california song All I ask is to keep an open mind and think of "The Hotel California" as L. Way more than a mental hospital or a drug trip or describing the music business. Don explained the story behind the song to him, and said he was amused at the wide varieties of interpretations the song had developed over time. Hundreds of thousands of people have migrated to California in search of sunshine, beautiful women, money, and fame. Februar [1] Länge 6: BassPlyr23 Here they are inlooking today football match predictions like math teachers than doobed-up radicals. They're almost always wrong. What is the dish that u can't resist on the table. They keep you awake all the time and drug you to program you.
Know No Better Major Lazer. Getty As illustrated here. At this point, the song get weird. Songs A-Z Songs chronologisch current Ab Interpreten A-Z. Do you possess expert skills in image creation and manipulation?

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If you watch the end of that video linked above, the band finally tells us what it's really about:. I had this acoustic string and started tinkling around with it, and those 'Hotel California' chords just kind of oozed out. I had a TEAC four-track set up in one of the back bedrooms and I ran back there to put this idea down before I forgot it. The subject of the song in this case california, and all it represents in people's heads is afflicted. Together, they formed the Eagles in , along with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, after all four had toured as members of Linda Ronstadt's band. I love this song! There is a playful nod to the band Steely Dan in the song. My World Needs You Kirk Franklin. The problem is that some fans swear that every nonsensical song has some deeper interpretation just waiting to be decoded. What's the True Meaning of the Song "Hotel California" by the Book games android The woman is rich and fun loving, and her friends are beautiful. All of us kind of drove into LA at night. Yes, but it means different things on different levels. It is the description of Hell from a dead man's point of view. What Would You Do? Naturally, this sends our speaker running for the exit, but now he can't find the exit. Even for a children's song, it seems overly bizarre and surreal, so of course it wasn't long after its release in the early s when people started trying to dissect the lyrics:. More Events LinkSTORM The Cracked Podcast Craptions Classics Greatest Hits The Cracked Bunker. With one step at a time like you've landed to live out in a ''twilight zone'' episode feeling trapped in ''the matrix'' of things by the modern times that feels like reality, but your subconscious mind knows it's not so real while trying to get out of your circumstances that became pleasurably addictive to follow those symbol dreams to the end, being in the maze, or the matrix that you have been ''programmed to recieve'' that feels overwhelming to the senses. English band the Vapors released a song in called " Turning Japanese ," much to the chagrin of the current status quo. I think the lyric mercedes bends was quite intentional.

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